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Urgent !!! Let’s help protect “Mes Aynak”

Urgent !!!  Let’s help protect “Mes Aynak” before it undergoes the same fate as the “Bamiyan Buddha Statues”

The ancient Buddhist site called “Mes Aynak” located in Afghanistan is now facing the grave danger of being turned into a copper mine by December this year.  If this happens, it means that this valuable Buddhist heritage site with its priceless artifacts estimated to be 2,600 years old will perish, and all for the sake of commercial gains.

To prevent such an inconceivable event from happening, Ms. Nadia Tarzi, the daughter of the renowned archaeologist, Prof.Dr Zemaryalai Tarzi, is asking all of us to sign our name on the two petitions as follows.

  1. The first petition is to UNESCO.  We need altogether 100,000 signatures.  To sign your name, please go to http://chn.ge/TstjEm.
  2. The second petition is to the President of Afghanistan asking him to delay the plan to convert “Mes Aynak” into a copper mine.  We also need 100,000 signatures for this petition.  To sign your name, please go to http://chn.ge/Pux8Nr.

This matter requires your urgent attention and we must have these signatures by November 30th.  Let’s come together to help protect “Mes Aynak”.

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